Gaines Pediatric Dentistry

Gaines Pediatric Dentistry

Grand Rapids, MI

First Companies was selected by Dr. Daniel O’Callaghan to construct his new building on the corner of 68th and Kalamazoo. Gaines Pediatric Dentistry focuses on delivering quality dental care to children. The office design and layout makes kids feel welcome and at ease with bright, cheery colors, pinwheel light fixtures and the use of soft, curved shapes throughout. The floor plan includes a play area off the main waiting room and an alcove off the exam area where a gumball-like machine dispenses toys versus candy when the child is finished. The building has a total of 5,300 square foot on two levels. The 1,372 square feet downstairs has a staff breakroom and lots of storage. Dr. O’Callaghan also has 968 on the main level that he is leasing to another tenant to help offset some of his costs and provide options for expansion in the future, if needed.

“The entire experience was great and I would highly recommend First Companies to other medical professionals. No request was too small for them. The team included me in many details and decisions – which is what I wanted. They explained everything very well and the process was quite smooth with no real challenges. Our project manager was very well organized and always available when we needed him. The project was completed right on schedule.”

– Dr. Daniel O’Callaghan

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