MI Kids Pediatrics

MI Kids Pediatrics

Grand Rapids, MI

When a group of pediatricians share a vision that encompasses the highest level of care in a unique, welcoming environment, Mi Kids Pediatrics is the result. Their new building at 7150 Kalamazoo Avenue Southeast has captured the essence of their practice. Not only does their beautiful space provide a light-hearted, tree-filled environment, but it is also an efficient design, allowing every staff member to maximize the time spent on task, whether it be hands-on care, billing, or greeting their young patients. To ensure both physical and mental health care, the Mi Kids staff share their new building with a group of independent psychologists and counselors. Having mental health practitioners under the same roof provides Mi Kids patients with easy, convenient access to specialists in all disciplines.

“We chose First Companies for the full range of services they offer: real estate, construction and property management. We’re doctors first, not builders or real estate experts. They helped us with additional investors to fund the project and will maintain the building for us now that the construction is completed.”

Dr. Erika Pott

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