We’re here to help create

spaces where businesses thrive


Office remodels, full renovations, or ground-up construction, our team delivers specialized services to meet your physical space needs.

Preconstruction Services

Our team helps clients understand what to expect and when by providing details on everything from estimating to design to scope — and everything in between.

Build New

Our team manages every aspect of construction from initial designs to final warranties.


Our team refreshes and reconfigures layouts to gain space, build efficiencies, and improve employee productivity and performance.


Our team transforms unique spaces, preserving historical elements, character, and charm, while also incorporating modern aesthetics and conveniences.

Real Estate

Buying, selling, leasing or developing land, our realtors deliver the expertise you need to make well-informed decisions and sound investments.


Our team researches available options, helps secure funding with favorable terms, negotiates the best possible deal, and handles all transaction details until the keys are in your hand. 


Our team markets properties through multiple channels, drawing on decades of relationships and connections to quickly find qualified prospects ready to buy.


Our team finds the ideal location, negotiates favorable terms, and always considers how your needs may change in the future.


Our team assesses opportunities and the best use of land before initiating and managing development projects. 

Property management

Maintaining your commercial office or building, our property management team ensures a space you never have to worry about.

One source for all your office cleaning needs, interior and exterior. Services include emergency clean-ups, high-touch-point disinfection, and antimicrobial fogging.

Scheduled cleaning twice a year, interior and exterior, of all office glass. Screen repair/replacement available as well as window filming/glazing/tinting for privacy or protection from the sun.

Full service includes design, lawncare, irrigation, smart watering systems, weeding, bed maintenance, spring planting, mulching, fertilizing and more.

Annual inspection by certified roof inspectors with longevity assessment and recommendations, emergency response for leaks, roof repairs, and heat taping to prevent ice build-up.

Competitive bidding and contract negotiations with multiple tiers of service depending on needs. Service includes salting and clearing of public and private sidewalks.

Interior and exterior sign design, maintenance, and repair with light bulb and panel replacement to ensure professional appearance that reflects your business well.

Exterior parking lot lighting repairs and maintenance including light bulb replacement.

Full master key systems, same day emergency service, full door hardware replacement, key replication, and interior office hardware changes.

Annual fire alarm and extinguisher inspection/certification to ensure spaces are up to code. Fire extinguisher tagging, fire alarm testing, exit lighting inspection for worry-free compliance.

Full garbage removal and recycling services including dumpsters, office trash removal, recycling bins, and document shredding services as needed.

24/7 monitoring and response for emergencies such as flood, fire, and other building crises. Coordination with first responders and ongoing status updates provided.

Helps relieve allergies and reduces airborne bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. Includes installation of air treatment system designed to use UV light to create healthier air for your office.

Small touch-ups to full suite refreshes, interior and exterior. Services include patchwork and wall repair, and interior design services for color selection.

24/7 monitoring of the premises with camera installations, fire and intruder alerts, carbon monoxide detection, and card access systems for staff.

Carpet cleaning and replacement with interior designer to assist with selections. Trip hazard repairs and stain removal generally within 24 hours.

Annual cleanings include debris removal, cleaning out truck docks, asphalt repairs, seal coating and re-striping, as needed.

Repairs and suite improvements, including LED lights, fixtures, caulking, ballast and light bulb replacements. Backup generator service with 24/7 emergency response available.

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly change-out of all floor mats depending on your needs.

Preventative maintenance programs with routine filter changes and belt inspection. Cleaning and visual inspections, including rooftop units, cooling towers, and boilers.

Ensure clean drinking water with bottle filling stations, filter replacement, reverse osmosis and water softening system installation and maintenance.

Full remediation after fire, flood or other damage, including obtaining bids, selecting and managing contractors, and working with insurance agents to process claims.

Exterior perimeter pest protection against ants, spiders, and other common pests. We inspect and spray every other month and provide emergency rodent and pest removal, as needed.

Installation of low voltage wiring and coordination with local service providers to provide desired connectivity services.

Annual inspection and report on the condition of your property noting repairs needed, potential risks or safety concerns, and other items that may need to be addressed.


The best space solutions for businesses come from a deep expertise in real estate, construction, and property management. That’s what makes development projects with First Companies different.  

Our team starts with a clear understanding of the market, including growth trends and current/future business demands. Depending on the clients or investors we’re working with, we research available land as well as existing structures in the desired location(s) to identify development opportunities that meet market needs. The team assesses fair market values, acquisition costs, and the investment required to achieve our vision. We evaluate land for access and constructibility; inspect buildings for structural soundness, needed repairs and maintenance requirements; and run the numbers to ensure the best return on the investment. 

Bringing experts together from our three divisions (real estate, construction and property management) we brainstorm the possibilities as we look at current market conditions and all associated costs to deliver a quality product. The outcome might be ground-up projects or remodeling/reconfiguring existing buildings.