Kalamazoo, MI

Custer is a Michigan company that offers exceptional workplace design and furnishings. The company hired First Companies to build its new office and showroom at the top of the Exchange Building (15th floor) in downtown Kalamazoo, with spectacular views of the city below. Custer wanted a flexible work and meeting space for its employees and guests that would accommodate their needs today and into the future.

The space features an open, hotel-type office layout with desks, workstations, and conference tables for Custer employees and guests. The central café ties everything together, providing an ideal gathering place for eating, conversation, and celebration. There is a large lecture hall and conference room that offers video streaming capabilities to connect remote employees for presentations, meetings, trainings, etc. The west end of the building features a stunning two-story high rounded glass façade that frames the executive retreat conference room. This space includes a large table, lounge seating, video conferencing equipment, and whiteboards for informal brainstorming sessions. 

“We would absolutely recommend working with First Companies. The First Companies team was understanding and flexible, often adding value as a consultant as we developed our architectural drawings and brainstormed value engineering opportunities.” 

– Beth Winger, Sr. Program Manager, Custer

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