Construction Management Services

Our construction team delivers high-quality spaces with the help of dozens of local contractors, many of whom have had relationships with First Companies since its inception. Our project managers are recognized for their communication skills, work ethic, and ability to deliver projects on time and on budget — estimating and tracking costs, managing schedules, overseeing trade contractors, and coordinating all aspects of the project to a client’s satisfaction. Each possesses a core set of essential competencies, in addition to specific skills and unique experiences that allow us to match the right person to each project.

Building a Team

First Companies uses a “4-Deep Management” approach, assigning executive oversight, a project manager, a site superintendent, and an estimator to each project. This ensures more than one set of eyes monitors all project plans, tasks, and details – each from a different perspective. Trade contractors are selected next, becoming an important part of our team. These individuals and organizations are all pre-qualified and many have worked with First Companies for decades.

Managing a Project

Our project managers have a keen ability to listen, communicate, and ensure detailed up-front planning, which contributes to our track record for keeping projects on time and on budget. Our goal is to eliminate surprises and exceed expectations while ensuring each phase is delivered per the plan.

Systems & Technology

First Companies uses Procore, an industry-leading construction management solution to streamline and automate construction tasks, track compliance, improve communications, and manage projects efficiently. Clients have 24/7 access to information related to their project through the client portal, including real-time updates.

Budget & Estimating

First Companies uses Bluebeam and Sage Estimating to create accurate estimates for all projects. Bid packages include a clearly defined scope of work and schedule. Multiple bids are collected and tested against historical and national databases to ensure favorable rates. Our policy is full transparency, allowing clients to see quotes and each piece of how their project budget is assembled.

Logistics & Timelines

First Companies uses pre-construction conversations to evaluate materials, layout the construction site, and complete procurement plans. Once project phases and dates are set, our team uses Procore and Microsoft® Project to document all details, communicate with trade contractors and suppliers, and track tasks against the schedule.

Construction Labor

First Companies’ relationships with trade contractors span decades, ensuring strong collaboration and communication. Our team knows how these companies operate and how to work well together. Our pre-qualified trade contractors share our values and reputation for quality.

Value Engineering & Construction Reviews

First Companies looks for value engineering opportunities throughout the design and construction process, researching and evaluating materials and construction techniques that result in the greatest value for our clients. Drawings are reviewed to confirm constructability, and future building maintenance can be managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Effective Meetings

First Companies brings key stakeholders to the table throughout the pre-construction and construction process to formulate plans, make decisions, and solve issues. Project managers facilitate progress meetings with client representatives, architects, designers, and trade contractors as needed. Our site superintendents hold weekly detailed coordination meetings with trade partners working onsite, or soon to be working onsite, to review project specific safety, schedule, and quality expectations.

our commitments

What Makes Us Different

Commitment to Quality

Our team starts each project by pre-qualifying trade contractors, establishing quality requirements, assessing timelines, and working site conditions and client expectations to create a project-specific quality plan. These quality standards are documented and communicated to all team members.

Commitment to Safety

We have received the STEP award for the last five years in a row, and achieved STEP Diamond, the highest level of recognition in ABC’s National Safety Excellence Awards for the last four years, demonstrating our vigilance in this area. Construction crew members complete a 30-hour OSHA course in addition to regularly scheduled safety trainings. Daily and weekly safety audits are conducted, with both scheduled and unannounced inspections.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our team believes in environmental sustainability, using the expertise and training of LEED-certified team members  to address the impact of construction projects on the surrounding community. Green building practices and sustainable development practices include:

  • Utilize energy efficient solutions 
  • Practice conservation of natural resources
  • Support salvage and recycling programs 
  • Use recycled materials 
  • Promote regional/local suppliers and materials  
  • Incorporate recycling programs onsite as the project site allows.

Closing the Project

Our team implements a well-defined close-out process at the conclusion of each project, walking the space with clients and pointing out specific building features and equipment that may require routine maintenance to keep them operating at peak performance. We also do start-up and commissioning of building systems to ensure all systems are operating as designed. The close-out document provided contains as-built drawings, warranty documents, owner’s manuals, the Certificate of Occupancy, a complete directory of all trade contractors, and more. First Companies checks in on the project 3-, 6-, and 9-months after completion to confirm everything is functioning well, with a final walkthrough scheduled at 11 months to identify and resolve any issues that may have come up.

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