Create Your Space

First Companies’ commercial construction division continues to grow as a result of the many satisfied customers who proactively recommend us after the completion of their projects.  New construction projects often begin with the real estate team helping clients to research and evaluate available options – buy, build or lease – to meet their current and future space needs. This may mean building-out or renovating an existing building, locating land for new, ground-up construction projects, and negotiating attractive purchase or lease terms.

In addition to understanding your building requirements, and identifying a range of potential scenarios, we work with you on creative ways to finance your project – often creating attractive investment opportunities. When new construction is determined to be the best choice to meet your space needs and financial goals, we assign the ideal project manager(s), and assemble the right team for the job. Our commercial construction competencies and capabilities are widely recognized within the industry, as is the quality of our work, our integrity and servant-attitude.

To ensure each facility we build performs well for many years, and reflects your business and brand, First Companies can help facilitate interior design services to work with you to make the best selections and finishing touches to make it a space you are proud of.  Once the building is completed, our property management team can develop a proactive plan for ongoing management of your property, ensuring it is always well-maintained, professional and functional.  This 360 approach to every project assures you of maximum value for your investment, as well as a great environment for your business and staff.

Whether you are looking at pre-engineered or conventional construction, leasing vs owning vs building, First Companies has the expertise and the connections to ensure the right outcome for your business or practice.

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