Proud to deliver Real Estate, Construction and Property Management Services to Michigan Businesses for 50 years!


Jerry Baker with his wife, Claire, and sons Jeff and Craig at the company’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

When Jerry Baker founded First Real Estate in 1968, he was working out of his home selling residential homes. It wasn’t long before Jerry saw the need and opportunity in commercial real estate and land development.  He began developing much of the land surrounding the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, providing numerous buildings for industrial/manufacturing businesses desiring to locate in the area.


To better control the quality and timing of building projects for his clients, Jerry expanded his business to include construction management. Jerry constructed spec buildings as well as for properties for individual clients and investment groups, helping to secure tenants for available space, as needed. He also offered property management services to building owners and their tenants after construction was complete to ensure the buildings were well-maintained long-term.


In 1994, First Real Estate became First Companies to better communicate the full suite of real estate, construction, development and property management services the company offered.  In the late 1980s, Jerry’s sons Jeff and Craig joined the company, taking over the business in 2005 as Jerry began to enjoy retirement.  The transition was well-planned and went very smoothly with Jeff heading up the real estate group while Craig led the construction team.




In 2018, we CELEBRATE 50 YEARS OF SERVICE and are grateful for the many wonderful clients we’ve worked with over the years as well as the subcontractors and business partners who have been an extension of our team.  First Companies is proud to continue the legacy of Jerry Baker and looks forward to meeting the space needs of our customers today and into the future.