Grand Rapids, MI

2020 (Phase 1)
2021 (Phase 2)

SunMed, a local medical device manufacturer, experienced rapid growth as well as significant changes to their workplace due to COVID-19. The company found they were quickly running out of space, so they hired First Companies to help them reconfigure the layout and flow of their office and warehouse to maximize every square foot of space available.

Phase 1 of this project has been completed, with Phase 2 to follow shortly. This phased approach ensured the SunMed team was able to continue working without disrupting their business.

The reconfigured office features an open concept “main street” design where workspaces are aligned to the “main street” areas, and include booths, huddle rooms, and hotel offices to meet a variety of needs and support the company’s open, collaborative culture. Phase 1 focused on reworking and updating their main office area and cafeteria. Phase 2 shifts their attention to the remaining office area, while they re-evaluate some of the warehousing space.

“Our company has grown considerably within 18 months. This growth brought about significant change to our operations and required that we re-evaluate our space. Originally, we considered building new, but struggled to find the right site. We looked into separating our corporate headquarters from warehousing, but our employees wanted to stay together. Accommodating almost twice the number of people within the same footprint is challenging, but First Companies stepped in with their expertise and partnerships and really showed us what was possible.”

– Suzanne Kaupa, VP, Human Resources, SunMed

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