Created by the previous manager of the 1913 Room, Public Restaurant offers delicious comfort food, with exceptional quality, at a reasonable price.  Owner, Chef Luke Grill hired First Companies to build-out his 1,290 square foot restaurant with kitchen and dining area in downtown Zeeland.  The 13 week project was completed on schedule in February of 2012.

Two storefronts of two separate historic buildings were combined to create the front of the restaurant.  One side was the dining and bar area, and the other a community table and the kitchen.  The small kitchen was carefully designed to make the most efficient use of all available space, allowing the restaurant to deliver full food and bar menus.  During construction, the team had to work around and accommodate a fully operational dental office attached to the backside of the restaurant and a lived-in apartment on the floor above.  To create its unique and cozy atmosphere, the team maintained and featured the old historic wood floors and exposed brick with an arched opening between the two buildings to add character and interest.