When Lasers Resource first moved out of Tom Senecal’s home, First Companies helped him locate and lease his first office space.  It wasn’t long before Tom purchased his own building to support the company’s continued growth.  Over the years, First Companies was hired to manage several expansions and remodels as the needs of the business changed and expanded.  In 2017, Tom and team determined it was time to move again as a result of market shifts, new industry trends which brought about changes in their internal business processes and service offerings.  Lasers Resource needed more office space and less warehouse. They desired a location with good visibility and a flexible work environment that could be configured to serve multiple purposes.  Once again, Tom called on First Companies to help him find the right location and construct their new facility.  First Companies assembled an investment group, which Tom was a part of, to fund the project, and constructed a new 25,200 square foot building on the corner of 40th Street and Patterson near the airport.  Lasers Resource takes up half of the space with the other half leased to another tenant.  Get the full story in our case study.

“First Companies has been a true business partner – not just a landlord, real estate agent or construction company. Whatever we needed to ensure the right space for our business, First Companies was there to help. We were able to take the equity from the previous building we owned and re-invest in our new facility. First Companies helped with the land negotiations, sold our old building, secured investors, and constructed our new location.” Tom Senecal, President