Kent Country Club

Kent Country Club

Grand Rapids, MI

First Companies was selected by Kent Country Club to renovate their existing 4,200 SF clubhouse which included a new patio and roof. The team demolished the old entryway, hall, restrooms, dining areas, and fireplace to create a new grand entrance, stunning spiral staircase, high-end restrooms, spacious dining areas, and a new bar. The unique spiral staircase uses metal stringers, railings, and risers with white oak handrails to make it a focal point in the space. High-end finishes throughout add to the beauty of this 100-year-old structure.

Given the age of the building, the construction team encountered several challenges they hadn’t anticipated, such as evidence of a fire that had occurred many years prior. Additionally, the clubhouse had undergone multiple renovations since it was built in 1896 and was quite different from what the structural engineer and architect expected. This discovery changed the design of the steel columns and beams needed to support the exterior wall, and caused a three-week delay. Still, the team was able to navigate these unforeseen issues and make the needed schedule adjustments to deliver the project on time and on budget.

In the preconstruction planning meetings, the team worked together to ensure minimal disruption to the club’s patrons throughout construction. To keep the dining area operational, a clean, clear pathway was created through the construction zone from the kitchen to the dining room. The project kicked off in December of 2022 and was completed, as planned, in May of 2023.

“Our most recent clubhouse renovation at Kent Country Club provides updated and redesigned spaces, both indoors and out. Together, they form a beautiful area that includes a classic entryway, a spectacular bar, a modernized, new staircase, and casual dining areas for all members to enjoy. Working with the experienced team at First Companies allowed us to accomplish our vision of creating, high-quality spaces that invite members to gather in a new way. Additionally, First Companies executed our challenging plan to stay true to our classic, traditional clubhouse feel, yet provide a modernized finish more relevant to today’s society. Overall, our partnership with First Companies resulted in an on time, on budget project that will benefit the Kent Country Club membership for years to come.”

Craig Welch III, President of Kent Country Club

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