Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids MI

When Spectrum Health decided to move 500 of its employees in the Information Systems department to downtown Grand Rapids, Franklin Partners LLC (owner/developer of 25 Ottawa Ave NW) had the perfect location. First Companies was hired to complete the renovations that included floors 2-6, with the first phase of floors 5 and 6 shown here. Spectrum Health was seeking a high-amenity, urban location to use as a recruiting tool to attract and retain top talent. The “class A” office space provides about 80,000 square feet of open, collaborative workspace with high ceilings, timber structure, exposed columns, and masonry walls.

“First Companies has done an outstanding job on the Spectrum project. The schedule mandated sub-contractors be on time with people and materials, and everyone has excelled in their respective tasks. Material issues were worked through in a timely manner and Spectrum is delighted with the finished product.”     Gary Tamminga, Project Manager, Franklin Partners