In December of 2016, DMC Design moved into their new 2,300 square foot office space on the second floor of one of the first new buildings in Ada Village.  DMC Design shares the top floor with Dixon Architecture, with the street level space reserved for retail businesses to fulfill the city’s pedestrian-friendly vision for the new downtown area. When entering DMC Design you immediately see and experience what is in Dawn Marie’s heart – her personal style of rich, beautiful and somewhat eclectic elements that come together effortlessly to create a very warm and inviting environment.  Visitors and clients enter into a “living” room area with a stunning limestone fireplace and furnishings that immediately put them at ease.  The perfect balance and use of color, design, furniture, art, and natural materials, including exposed brick, limestone, tile, wood beams, flooring and more all reinforce the company’s intuitive sense for beauty and bringing things together in a way that creates spaces where people want to be.


“First Companies built my vision, a space that is ‘me.’ I love beautiful, interesting things that are vintage, authentic, rich in texture, and yet comfortable and cozy.  The space needed to communicate my heart and personal style, and it does.  The First Companies team was very caring and concerned with getting every detail right.  Our project manager was awesome!  Conversations were very straightforward and everyone was very easy to deal with.  The process was smooth, and they made certain we were able to get to where we needed to be on the numbers.  I would certainly recommend them to others.” Dawn Marie Coe, Owner, DMC Design