Ada’s goal for the new Ada Village is to preserve the rich history and spirit of the area by creating buildings with an authentic character found in older Midwest towns and villages.  Dixon Architecture is one of the first businesses to move into the new downtown, in a building that sets the bar for this vision.  Dixon shares the second floor with DMC Design with the street level space reserved for retail businesses.  The building’s total square feet is 9,900, with Dixon’s office taking 2,500 SF. The 2-story structure incorporates historical and commercial elements such as a flat roof, brick facade, and beautiful cornice work on the exterior.  In designing the building, Dixon carefully studied historical buildings across the Midwest; noting the details and architectural elements that would complement the look and feel of Ada Village. Dixon chose First Companies to construct the building shell as well as complete the build-out of his office.  One challenge the team encountered was how to recreate the look of an historical building using modern-day materials and construction processes. It was a collaborative effort for all those involved, and the end result speaks for itself.

“First Companies completed the work on time and on budget.  The building process went smoothly, just as I had expected from all my previous work experience with them.  Living and working close to where my dream was being constructed allowed me the opportunity to interact with the subcontractors and make good decisions along the way.  First Companies was very flexible and collaborative as I made necessary changes.  I was recently asked, if I had to do it again, what would I do differently?  I had to think long and hard about that question.  Honestly, from my perspective, it was a good, old-fashion home run!.” Ken Dixon, Owner, Dixon Architecture