Dr. Derek Draft fulfilled his long-time dream when he purchased and transformed a 30-year old dental practice and updated the space from top to bottom with current, state-of-the-art technology. In 2011, Dr. Draft purchased Grandville Family Dental Care and began capturing ideas for the office that he would one-day implement. In 2012 the 2,160 square foot space was completely gutted by First Companies and remodeled according to Dr. Draft’s vision. Given size limitations, the team had to “think outside the box” on the best way to utilize every square inch. The ceilings were raised to open up the space and Dr. Draft’s move to all digital files eliminated the need for the filing cabinets which created room for one more operatory.

“I loved the construction process and stopped by almost daily to check on progress. The entire process went very smooth with no major issues. Our project manager was awesome. I give him a lot of credit. The communication throughout was really good and everything was well-explained up-front so I knew what to expect.” Dr. Derek Draft