Renovate Your Space

Construction Management Services: Historic Building Renovation

Land is limited in downtown Grand Rapids and often our urban construction projects require renovation of existing buildings – protecting and retaining cherished pieces of history as we create warm, inviting, and nostalgic spaces for working and living. As a construction management company, we are asked to figure out how best to marry the old with the new using great skill and care. Complex building renovations are something we do very well and have a lot of experience doing.

Construction in the city presents many unique challenges as teams must work in confined spaces and ensure everyone is mindful of neighboring homes and businesses. Each construction project is different and must be approached with a fresh perspective. Careful, up-front planning, with all team members (owner, architect, designer, subcontractors, etc.) is essential. We facilitate these meetings to leverage the strengths and collective experience of the group. This enables us to identify potential challenges early on and work through scenarios to keep construction work on track. Our long-term relationships with many architects, designers and subcontractors enables us to bring together the best, most experienced team for each job. With the team in place, we discuss structural and design elements as well as construction means, methods and materials to determine the best options for delivering a quality product on time and within your budget.

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