Build Your Space

Construction Management Services: Ground-up Projects

Building from the ground up begins with locating the right piece of land in your desired area. Our commercial real estate team is ready to help you find and evaluate lot options, working alongside the construction team to determine the best placement of buildings, parking, etc. for maximum value and space utilization of the parcel. We’re well connected with local agencies, government officials and utility companies and can support your decision-making process as you wade through various choices and considerations before starting construction.  We offer…

  • CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES:  We develop a detailed bid scope and timeline as part of our competitive bid process which is provided to pre-qualified subcontractors. We then assemble the best subcontractors for each project, working closely with your architect and design team. This ensures you have the right skillsets, at the right price, to complete the work.
  • DESIGN/ASSIST SERVICES:  Here we serve as your primary point of contact from the start, working with you to select the best architect, designer(s), and subcontractors for your construction project. We facilitate pre-construction meetings and utilize the collective knowledge and experience of the extended team to determine the best ways to construct your building and achieve your vision.
  • GENERAL CONTRACTOR SERVICES:  You’ve hired your architect and your plans are ready to go. You need a skilled general contractor to manage the bidding process and construct your building. We offer those services, too.

One of the reasons our projects run so smoothly is our up-front planning and ability to facilitate productive meetings with all key stakeholders. As your construction management company, we use the expertise of each participant to finalize plans and create a shared vision for your project. With entire team in one room, we’re often able to discover new and better construction methods and materials to achieve your goals while managing costs and the delivery date. This process also ensures team buy-in, alignment, and good communication from start to finish.

You can expect regular communication from your construction team and instant access to project details through Procore, our construction management software. We take pride in ensuring there are no surprises throughout the process.  If something comes up, or we encounter an issue or challenge, you will know about it – along with our recommendation for how we propose to move forward and keep things on track.

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