Communications by Design Consulting (CBD) has established a reputation for designing solutions that transform educational environments in a way that is affordable, reliable and scalable. What started out as a one-person technology consulting firm for schools in 1991 has evolved into a dynamic approach for training educators. Over the years, the company outgrew its previous locations, requiring them to use off-site venues for training.  CBD’s new office – built by First Companies – gives them plenty space for their unique learning labs in addition to a spacious administrative area, with lots of room for future growth.  CBD clients enjoy ample parking as well as green space to wander outdoors, a café for meals, a lactation room, and many other amenities that deliver on CBD’s vision. Communications by Design’s new space empowers their team to fully focus on their mission of “elevating the standard of learning across America through strategic technology and instructional advancement.”

“When I met Craig Baker (First Companies President), I just knew he would take good care of us. The company has exceeded our expectations in every way.  Every member of the team was very smart, and I could tell they enjoy working for First Companies.  Ken Dixon was our architect, and Mary Witte of r.o.i. Design managed the interior design of our office, working alongside First Companies.  They all wrapped their arms around us and made us feel like ours was their favorite project. I would absolutely recommend them to others.” – Sara Easter, President, CBD Consulting