Action FabricatorsKentwood, MI

Action Fabricators
Kentwood, MI

When Action Fabricators began the construction process, they only had nine months left on their existing lease and were understandably concerned about any extended construction delays. First Companies was able to finish ahead of schedule – in fact, it was exactly...
Action PackagingCaledonia, MI

Action Packaging
Caledonia, MI

Action Packaging selected First Companies to construct their 110,000 square foot building, including both office and warehouse space.  The company manufactures corrugated shipping boxes with five primary machines used in the production process.  The...
Aspen SurgicalCaledonia, MI

Aspen Surgical
Caledonia, MI

First Companies began its relationship with Aspen Surgical in 2004 when they were hired to construct the company’s first new building. While all went well with the project, it wasn’t many years later when the Aspen Surgical once again found itself short on space and...

Grand Rapids, MI

ETO MAGNETIC CORP. moved down the street to their new 82,000 square foot building on a 20-acre site, giving them plenty of space for future growth. The two-story building has 24,000 square feet of finished office space with bright, open, and spacious work areas, and a...