Building and Tenant Management

Heritage Pointe Complex Grand Rapids, MichiganCaring for Your Properties and Tenants

Beautifully maintained buildings attract high-quality, long-term tenants. We take pride in our attention to detail and our approach to customer service. More than just a helpdesk number, owners and tenants can feel confident we are available 24/7 – onsite, online or by phone – to address their needs. Our team is comprised of our talented service technicians in addition to a strong network of professionals and subcontractors who share our standards for quality and service.

At First Companies we view both the owners and tenants as our customers. Our philosophy is to stay on top of building maintenance, anticipating potential issues before they arise, so that calls from tenants are few and far between. Our approach to keeping your space professional and functional at all times, includes:

    • Managing all tenant calls using our efficient work order management system to log communications, prioritize tasks and ensure timely follow-up and closure of all requests
    • Selection of, and negotiation with, various service companies for things like snow removal, landscaping maintenance, HVAC, electrical, janitorial, security-card access/monitoring, refuse removal and more
    • Overseeing all maintenance and repairs required for building exteriors and common areas
    • Coordinating all tasks related to vacating tenants and preparing spaces for new tenants, including cleaning, remodeling, painting, etc. as required
    • Regular, proactive communication with tenants, always ensuring each interaction is prompt, positive and professional
    • Ensuring on-call staff for emergency response

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