Anticipating the end of their lease, the partners at BRAINS asked First Companies to help them find a new, more suitable facility for their growing practice. Initially, they looked to purchase and remodel an existing building; however, BRAINS’ practice utilizes a wide range of testing and counseling methods to effectively care for their broad client base. The ideal location required controlled lighting and sound-proofed rooms, as well as office areas appropriately furnished for testing, and a gym for physical activities. Each member of the practice needed something different to create the ideal treatment environment for their clients – presenting a unique challenge for the First Companies real estate team.

After an exhaustive search, the team came to the conclusion that constructing a new facility on North Evergreen in Grand Rapids would best meet their current and future needs. In addition to managing the construction, First Companies also assisted BRAINS with financing the project. BRAINS Ventures was established whereby the partners were able to join First Companies and other investors to purchase the land and construct their perfect building.

“Our practice is multi-disciplinary. We are not a typical office and we wanted to create an environment as conducive to the needs of our clients as possible. With First Companies we were able to work right alongside the team so that it felt like our building from the start. They really cared about making it right. First Companies helped us meet our goals in two ways: First, was the financial part. They helped us find a creative way to fund the project through BRAINS Ventures. Second, is that they listened to our every need and every request. If it was in the budget, it happened – even down to the smallest details like positioning the pattern in the carpet, and finding toilets that were water efficient, but not loud.” – Rochelle Manor, Ph.D. – BRAINS Co-Owner