Nap’sRockford, MI

Rockford, MI

Bob Napieralski acquired Nap’s and relocated the company to West Michigan in 2008 to provide jobs in his community when the economy was struggling. His business did very well, and with the increase in web sales, Nap’s found itself out of space with no room to...
Psychology and Counseling ServicesGrand Rapids, MI

Psychology and Counseling Services
Grand Rapids, MI

Psychology and Counseling Services has joined Mi Kids Pediatrics in their new location, maintaining a collaborative pre-existing partnership with Dr. GraceAnn Robertson. Throughout the designing and building process, Dr. Robertson along with four other mental health...
Rush Creek Bible ChurchGrand Rapids, MI

Rush Creek Bible Church
Grand Rapids, MI

Sometimes your space just needs updating to be more efficient and current. Rush Creek Bible Church chose First Companies to reconfigure their Children’s Ministry area and improve their worship space. This included adding a new family-friendly entrance which allows...
Unist, Inc.Grand Rapids, MI

Unist, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

Located on 36th Street near East Paris, Unist, Incorporated experienced incredible growth as the demands for their environmentally friendly lubricants, and money saving manufacturing processes, increased. As the company grew, the limitations of their physical space...