Action Packaging selected First Companies to construct their 110,000 square foot building, including both office and warehouse space.  The company manufactures corrugated shipping boxes with five primary machines used in the production process.  The equipment required special drains in the floors as well as isolated concrete slabs to support the weight.  To ensure maximum utilization of all available space, the building was constructed using precast walls which reduced the need for columns to support the structure.  The concrete floors included the use of a unique seal-hard sealant that actually uses the dust from the cardboard and movement over the surface to increase the hardness and sheen of the floors.  This has kept the floors looking beautiful over time — like they have been treated with a special polish.

“It has indeed been a pleasure working with all of the folks at First Companies in the construction of our new 110,000 square foot facility in Southbelt Industrial Park. From start to finish it was one of the most enjoyable building projects I have been involved in. First Companies not only finished the project two months early, but were under budget, too!!! When asked about our experience with First Companies by other business associates, our response is ‘First Class’…a job above all of our expectations!!”
Butch Stoner, Member/Owner