First Companies’ Values

Anyone who engages and works with the team at First Companies immediately notices we are different. We go the extra mile, put the needs of our customers before our own, and partner well with everyone involved in each project to ensure the best outcome. We believe the values we all embrace have something to do with what you experience working with the team here.

The Values we hold in Common

  • Everyone who belongs to our Company is committed to being ethical, civil, responsible, and to manifest a “servant attitude.”
  • We expect everyone to be ethical, to tell the truth, to be honest, never steal, and never engage in any harassment.
  • We expect everyone to treat others with civility, to be polite, to keep their commitments, to maintain a realistic and positive attitude, to be helpful to everyone, to be approachable, and to demonstrate frustration and anger in productive ways.
  • We further expect everyone to be responsible, to show up on time and be well-prepared, to behave competently and productively, to take initiative and be resourceful, to follow through on assignments, to be a solutions-based thinker, and to resolve conflicts forthrightly and graciously.
  • We expect everyone who belongs to First Companies to exhibit a servant attitude that is both genuine and natural. Regardless of position in the company, we are all here to help each other to uphold our values and to be successful both in work and in life.

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