Project Management

Aaron WorkOur dedicated team of highly experienced project managers is widely recognized for their knowledge, experience, work quality, and ability to deliver projects on time and on budget. As we know this is a common claim, we invite you to check out our track record. Each project manager possesses an impressive ability to anticipate and track costs, manage to approved schedules, coordinate with site personnel and manage all aspects of a project with owners and stakeholders. While the project management staff shares a set of essential core competencies, they also have specific capabilities and unique skillsets that allows us to match the right project manager for each client and project.


Project plans are drafted and carefully managed, with contingency plans in place for any changes or issues that may arise. Each week we provide updates and reports, with site photos, to keep you well-informed at all times.  To meet our commitment of “no surprises,” we ensure great communication throughout the project – at every level – with open, honest dialog from start to finish.


Three Deep Management Approach


Depending on project requirements and timing, we assign one or more project managers using a “3 Deep Management” approach.  This ensures there is more than one set of eyes monitoring the project – each with a different level of focus and attention. These project teams include someone from construction leadership to oversee the work at a “30,000 foot view,” coordinating with the client as well as checking in with the project managers.  A lead project manager takes care of the more detailed project planning, scheduling and budgets – providing ongoing reports while interacting with the owner’s representative.  A site project manager coordinates with subcontractors and suppliers, providing field input and raw project data.  We have found this to be a highly effective way to utilize our resources and ensure all aspects of the project are well-managed.