Beer City Barre
Grand Rapids MI

When Cori Friar began thinking about opening her own fitness studio, a friend in real estate began taking her to potential locations which is when she found the building at 820 Monroe. It was a completely empty space in a 616 Development building, located in a vibrant, up-and-coming area of Grand Rapids – just the right fit for what Cori was looking for. 616 Development introduced her to First Companies and recommended us to complete the build-out of her 1,000 square foot space. Cori’s goal was to create a boutique/chic look that blended well with the original beams and industrial elements of the building – a look that is unique and sets her business apart. The work took 6 weeks to complete and included a new storefront entrance, removal of one wall and installing the electrical and mechanical systems.

First Companies met with Cori to gather her ideas and vision for the space. We then came up with the design and plans to bring her vision to life, including location and function of the lighting, barres, mirrors, etc.

“My experience working with First Companies was great! They captured my vision for the space perfectly and brought it to life. The project was completed on time and within my budget. I must admit there were times I felt all my questions might be annoying, but as a new business owner I had never done anything like this and needed some extra help and assurance. The First Companies team was so good and patient. Whenever I had questions or needed assistance, my project manager always got back to me quickly and addressed all of my needs and concerns. They were so professional and accommodating, and assured me I had nothing to worry about.”
Cori Friar, Owner, Beer City Barre

Mercy Health Lab & X-Ray
Grand Rapids MI

With Mercy Health Physician Partners upstairs, and many other doctors and medical professionals in the Heritage Pointe area, it seemed to be a perfect opportunity for Mercy Health to open Mercy Health Lab & X-Ray in the newly completed building at 2144 East Paris Avenue.  The 1,500 square foot lab is conveniently located on the main level and offers a spacious waiting room for patients in need of lab or certain radiology services.

To meet the requirements of Mercy Health Physician Partners, Mercy Health Lab & X-Ray, and the other doctors in the building, First Companies delivered a covered drive-up and drop-off area right by the front entrance and made it very easy for patients to move throughout the building.  The large, open hallways and wide corridors easily accommodate patients who use wheelchairs or walking assistance devices.

“Mercy Health has a selection team that researches new locations as part of our growth strategy. Once a new market opportunity is identified, all available options are assessed to see what would best meet our needs.  In this case, we were particularly interested in new construction.  Starting with a ‘clean canvas’ gave us the ability to ensure the right workflow for our team-based care approach, as well as create an environment that was most beneficial for our patients. We treat patients from the age of 18 through the rest of their lives. This means that we need to take into account the unique concerns of our aging patients, making certain our facilities are easy for them to navigate.”  Daneen Caro, Chief Operations Officer, Mercy Health Physician Partners, Grand Rapids

Mercy Health Physician Partners
Grand Rapids

With continued growth in the Cascade area, Mercy Health Physician Partners determined it was time to re-enter this market with their newest location on East Paris Avenue.  The office has five physicians and two nurse practitioners, all accepting new patients. The 9,000 square foot internal medicine suite is located on the second floor. Construction began mid-July and was completed ahead of schedule in November. The physician’s office has a comfortable waiting room, administrative areas, a breakroom/conference room, several private offices and 17 exam rooms, with abundant natural light from many large windows.  The floor plan and interior were designed for team-based patient care and a highly efficient workflow.  Raised ceilings enhance the open feel of the suites and sound control techniques were used throughout to ensure patient privacy.

Mercy Health selected Custer, Inc. to provide design consulting as well as space planning, furniture and finishes, sound masking, project management and installation for the internal medicine suite. The staff and physician space brings together the entire internal medicine team in one collaborative zone. Patient care teams are seated together in pods with physicians nearby, encouraging conversation and problem-solving among the staff. The adjacent meeting room supports brainstorming, planning and privacy.

“The entire build-out was very well coordinated and was a collaborative effort between our operations leaders, the Mercy Health real estate team, and First Companies.  We wanted to create an attractive environment with easy access and strong visibility for our brand.  First Companies delivered on this.  Once we found this location, the entire project moved at lightning speed.  We started the planning process in June and were able to open on December 5th.  We would definitely recommend working with First Companies.  My staff has shared how pleased they are with the company’s work as well as how collaborative and responsive the team has been.  Of all of the projects we’ve completed, this one was a very smooth process.”  Daneen Caro, Chief Operations Officer, Mercy Health Physician Partners, Grand Rapids